Looks like I forgot to write a post about submitting the final version of Brainkanoid to the digital music distributor, mostly because it was returned the very next day. Nothing sinister, of course – the problem was related to the names of tracks, which must be capitalized. Not just the first word but all of them. Yes, it makes sense, although I don’t think that I was aware of this detail before. Hey, you guys in Symphonic Distribution, I am sure that musicians would save a lot of time if the validator bound to the submit form could either auto-fix the names or at least display a warning Hey dude, this is not correct. Please name your song “Whispers From Beyond”, not “Whispers from beyond”!

Anyway, I will try to remember that next time. With a little luck, it could happen later this year.

Okay, so the album Brainkanoid has finally passed the approval process and should be out within 2-4 weeks. It will be an interesting experiment if nothing else.