Catching up

Yes, as a blogger, I really suck. OK, I admit that the main reason to start this page was my registration at the digital publisher site because “Homepage URL” was a mandatory field of the form. But, I seriously hope that something worth blogging will eventually emerge, so, for the time being, let me post a short overview of the year 2017 events:

  1. I had started a great cooperation with a mixing/mastering dude who really knows his job and, as the first outcome,
    I had released a re-mastered version of my debut album Brainkanoid. It is called (surprise, surprise) Brainkanoid (Remastered) and contains all 10 songs + 4 bonus tracks. Please find more details at its dedicated page.
  2. My second album called Illogical hit the stores in September. It could look a bit weird to release 2 full length albums in 1 year, but since I had composed many tracks of Illogical before finishing Brainkanoid, the final version had been completed much faster than expected, so why to wait, eh? After all, I am my own boss. 🙂 Illogical.
  3. No, don’t expect the third album here. I have barely started to record the first ideas and I really want to take my time. There is just one small thing but I will write about it at the next blog entry.